13 Apr 2012
Inside the Classics
If you’re attending any of this week’s concerts, you may be surprised to read in the program notes that the second movement of James Stephenson’s new violin concerto was inspired by none other than legendary jazzman Louis Armstrong. Stephenson’s...
11 Apr 2012
Inside the Classics
The orchestra’s hard at work this week on a program that will prominently feature two musicians new to Orchestra Hall: violinist Jennifer Frautschi and composer James Stephenson . Having now completed rehearsals for the world premiere of Step...
7 Apr 2012
Inside the Classics
I’ll get back to blogging about non-Judd-related subjects next week, as the orchestra returns from spring break and gets to work on yet another world premiere , but before we leave Acadia behind for the season, we’ll be inviting Judd back int...
3 Apr 2012
Inside the Classics
It’s Tuesday morning, and I’m still decompressing from all the hoopla that surrounded Judd’s Acadia premiere last weekend. (The orchestra’s annual spring break week has never been better timed!) It was a wonderfully fulfilling, ultimately thrill...
31 Mar 2012
Inside the Classics
…I’ve been a terrible blogger, it’s been months, etc. A much busier guest conducting schedule is mostly to blame (although I’m not complaining; it’s great to be in demand!), but I won’t bore you with excuses. What I will say is that this has be...
30 Mar 2012
Inside the Classics
We’re now six hours away from a weekend of concerts that, at times, seemed like it might never get here, the culminating performance of our 18 month long MicroCommission Project . The rehearsals of Acadia are over, the outline for the ons...
25 Mar 2012
Inside the Classics
We’re in the home stretch of the run-up to the premiere of Acadia this weekend (do you have your tickets yet?), and that means two things. The first is that countless hours of preparatory work, technical drudgery, narrative craft, and general ...
20 Mar 2012
Inside the Classics
I’m spending most of my offstage time these days either writing/editing the script for next week’s big premiere with Judd , prepping various peripherals for that same show, or thinking about all the elements that I’m either not happy with yet or ...
16 Mar 2012
Inside the Classics
That old canard about why people climb Mount Everest never seemed so applicable to the music world as it did today when I read in The Guardian that someone has decided to actually stage Karlheinz Stockhausen’s insanely unstageable opera, ...
7 Mar 2012
New Classical Tracks with Julie Amacher
Double your pleasure with a new release from the Sarah Hicks and the Vermont Symphony Orchestra.
6 Mar 2012
Features - Classical MPR
Double your pleasure with a new release from the Sarah Hicks and the Vermont Symphony Orchestra.
5 Mar 2012
Inside the Classics
The orchestra’s off to Florida for the week, and before you get too envious, know that we’ll be spending the vast bulk of our non-performing time on buses, traveling between cities full of Minnesota snowbirds. (Okay, there might be a small chanc...
27 Feb 2012
North Carolina Symphony Blog
Did you know that insects can be musicians too? There are interesting sounds and songs which come from all over the natural world, not just birds!   Most insects produce sounds when they are startled, or when they are eating, or to scare off enemi...
27 Feb 2012
Inside the Classics
It’s been quite a while since we in the Minnesota Orchestra have had ourselves a good, old-fashioned train wreck . Like, years, I think, unless I’ve subconsciously blocked a particularly traumatic concert from my memory. Which is all to the good,...
23 Feb 2012
Inside the Classics
So, you guys? Just in case my endless blather about this week’s rehearsal schedule hasn’t been enough to induce you to buy a ticket to Thursday’s or Sunday’s concerts – this? This here is our piano soloist, Ingrid Fliter, fresh off a 20-h...
22 Feb 2012
Inside the Classics
So, as previously mentioned , Courtney is making his subscription concert debut with us this week, and we’ve spent the last two days rehearsing his program , which consists of a lovely piano concerto we’ve all played many times, and two absolu...
18 Feb 2012
Inside the Classics
A tip of the hat to the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra’s Maiya Papach for bringing this amazing compilation to my attention: I mean, that is actually kind of amazing, right? Just two repetitions of a single chord, played about 30 differ...
16 Feb 2012
Inside the Classics
Wow, have I really gone a week between posts? I knew I was getting behind, but honestly, it feels like I haven’t had time to take a breath in about a month, and there’s no letup in sight. In addition to the frantic scramble Judd and I are going ...
7 Feb 2012
Inside the Classics
With less than two months to go before we premiere Judd’s Acadia at our final Inside the Classics concerts of the season, the scores and parts are all stacked neatly in our library and are beginning the long process of being perused, bow...
6 Feb 2012
Interchanging Idioms
Music Director Osmo Vänskä leads his tenth season with the Orchestra, held primarily at the Auditorium of the Minneapolis Convention Center while Orchestra Hall undergoes renovation Music Director Osmo Vänskä and the Minnesota Orchestra today unve...
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