3 Feb 2012
Inside the Classics
If you had told me six months ago that one of the most mentally and physically exhausting concerts I’d play during the 2011-12 season would be a pops concert, I would most definitely have laughed at you. Pops shows can be fun, they can be musicall...
30 Jan 2012
Inside the Classics
Just a quick note that I’ll be on MPR’s Midday program today from 11am-noon (Central Time, of course,) acting as co-host du jour with the always fun and engaging Marianne Combs . We’ll be talking all things music with Bach barfly Matt Haimov...
29 Jan 2012
Inside the Classics
A week or so ago, the orchestra played a concert featuring five Hungarian Dances, two choral works, and a serenade, all by Brahms. With the exception of one of the dances ( the famous #5 ,) this was basically The Brahms You’ve Probably Never Hea...
24 Jan 2012
Inside the Classics
This is the second post in this month’s edition of The Listening Room , our discussion of music that composer Judd Greenstein finds meaningful, inspiring, or just plain good. For earlier Listening Room posts, click here , and add your own insi...
23 Jan 2012
Inside the Classics
It’s time for this month’s edition of The Listening Room, in which our MicroCommission composer Judd Greenstein selects a recording he loves and invites you to have a conversation about it. We’re going to change things up a little this time ar...
17 Jan 2012
Inside the Classics
When I was in graduate school at Yale, much of my time studying composition was spent with Ezra Laderman, the elder statesman of the composition faculty and one of the most open-minded composers that they’ve ever had at that institution. The man f...
17 Jan 2012
Inside the Classics
As you may have heard, our latest CD came out last week – it’s the first disc in what will eventually be a complete set of the Sibelius symphonies – and the team from BIS Records also spent some time shooting some video of the recording sessions...
16 Jan 2012
Inside the Classics
Musicians are forever making up lyrics to go along with famous bits of music. This is partly because we’re incorrigible class clowns who never grew up properly, but mostly because, on your 138th trip through Handel’s Messiah , it helps you stay f...
13 Jan 2012
Comments on: News
“His work is fresh and arises from a distinct personality.” – San Francisco Classical Voice The Yale School of Music presents a concert featuring the music of Matthew Barnson on Thursday, January 26, 2012. The concert, which is Barnson’...
12 Jan 2012
North Carolina Symphony
David Hartman talks with Associate Conductor Sarah Hicks about this week's Classical Series concert of music from Hungary.
12 Jan 2012
Inside the Classics
Last weekend, the Minnesota Orchestra stood on our stage alongside six talented young composers and applauded the incredibly diverse, exciting, and new sounds they had brought to the culminating concert of our 11th annual Composer Institute . M...
9 Jan 2012
North Carolina Symphony Blog
Here are some events related to this weekend's Passport to Hungary concerts in Chapel Hill ( Jan. 12 ) and Raleigh ( Jan. 13 & 14 ) that you should know about. Be sure to scroll down for an interview with soloist Petra Berényi. She'll reveal th...
9 Jan 2012
Inside the Classics
Later this month, (specifically, the week of January 23,) we’ll be kicking off another installment of The Listening Room , a project we launched with Judd here on the blog in November. Basically, TLR is like a book club, only with music. Each...
5 Jan 2012
Inside the Classics
If you’re an NPR listener or a regular reader of various high-end newspaper arts sections, you probably saw the story that’s been kicking around over the last couple of days. According to some researchers (at least one of them a well-known violi...
2 Jan 2012
Inside the Classics
Happy New Year, all! I’m emerging from my holiday coma just in time for what is shaping up to be possibly the busiest month of the 2011-12 season. The orchestra jumps back into what some of us like to call “real” (read: non-Christmas) music later ...
19 Dec 2011
Inside the Classics
This evening, the orchestra wraps up what has felt like about a year’s worth of Christmas concerts, and thanks to this week’s split schedule, I actually played my last Sleigh Ride earlier this afternoon , and will be relaxing with a book and a ...
13 Dec 2011
Inside the Classics
Ever since I posted a video of our viola section playing my arrangement of Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man , I’ve been getting periodic requests from violists wanting copies of the parts. I’ve probably sent out about 30 copies in all, and ...
6 Dec 2011
Inside the Classics
So there’s this high school out in Ontario, Canada, in a small city about 135 kilometers east of Toronto. The school has the rather clunky name of Peterborough Collegiate & Vocational School , but what it’s really known for is its arts education....
2 Dec 2011
Inside the Classics
The orchestra has been playing Engelbert Humperdinck’s classic children’s opera, Hänsel & Gretel in one form or another for pretty much two solid weeks now, and I’ll admit, I wasn’t sorry to finish the last show of the run this afternoon. Orches...
1 Dec 2011
Inside the Classics
I frequently receive post-concert emails via my website, and while most of the time it’s people who want to discuss the finer points of the performance or to ask about my approach to a piece of music, I occasionally get one of those messages that ...
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