28 Sep 2011
Inside the Classics
Here in Minneapolis, we started up rehearsals for the first classical concerts of our 2011-12 season today, and in what’s become an annual tradition, the morning began with our wonderful personnel manager, Julie Haight, coming to the front of th...
22 Sep 2011
Inside the Classics
Well, this is just awesome. (click for the official Star Tribune story) Over the three years since Jorja Fleezanis announced that she’d be leaving the orchestra at the end of the 2008-09 season, I don’t think I’ve fielded a single questio...
15 Sep 2011
Inside the Classics
Sarah and I are in the early stages of scripting our first Inside the Classics show of the season, which goes up in early November and features Shostakovich’s always crowd-pleasing 5th symphony. And from a narrative perspective, this should be o...
9 Sep 2011
Inside the Classics
Okay, one more summer camp story and then I’ll stop, I promise. This one isn’t actually about the kids I taught this August , and it’s a story I hadn’t thought about in years, until some old photos started popping up on Facebook earlier this week...
5 Sep 2011
Inside the Classics
Since I just wrote a post about teaching , which isn’t actually something I spend a lot of time doing, I thought I’d follow up by writing about an aspect of teaching that I’ve struggled with from time to time, and that I know some full-time teach...
5 Sep 2011
Inside the Classics
Yes, it’s been ages since I’ve posted and for that I apologize. For those of you who don’t know, I spent most of my summer doing this: Boss and I onstage at the Montreux Jazz Festival I places like this: Piazza San Marco, Venezia. So...
2 Sep 2011
Inside the Classics
I’ve mentioned before that youth orchestras are nearly always short of violists. Yeah, yeah, go ahead and insert the viola joke of your choice here, but the truth is that string players tend to start studying their instruments at a very young age ...
25 Jul 2011
Inside the Classics
With Sommerfest officially over for the year and the orchestra on break (except for next weekend’s Pink Martini concerts ,) I’m going to take a few weeks off from blogging to recharge my batteries. I’ll be headed to my usual summer haunt in wes...
20 Jul 2011
Inside the Classics
After what felt like a solid week of driving, I’m back from parts East, and once again firmly ensconced in the mad dash that is Sommerfest . We spent this morning rehearsing this Friday’s all-Mozart program – two overtures, two arias, a violi...
13 Jul 2011
Inside the Classics
I’m headed off on a road trip to upstate New York early tomorrow morning to see one of my very favorite cousins get married (and to provide a little musical backdrop as well,) so you likely won’t be hearing much from me on the blog until I get bac...
11 Jul 2011
Inside the Classics
One of my favorite bloggers, MPR’s Bob Collins , has an excellent tradition of starting off his first post of the work week with a “Monday morning rouser.” It’s just a fun song, totally disconnected from anything else he’ll be writing, designed t...
9 Jul 2011
Interchanging Idioms
First-ever Minnesota Orchestra Fantasy Camp, September 15-16, gives adult amateur musicians the unique opportunity to rehearse and perform with the Minnesota Orchestra at Orchestra Hall The Minnesota Orchestra today announced plans for the ...
8 Jul 2011
Inside the Classics
No matter how busy I may get during our orchestra’s so-called “winter season,” even during Inside the Classics concert weeks, there’s just nothing that compares to the hectic pace of our Sommerfest schedule. I know I write about this pretty m...
5 Jul 2011
Inside the Classics
It’s been an intensive weekend of patriotic-themed concerts (all conducted by the distinctly British Courtney Lewis, who played his accent for laughs more than once during the week,) and tonight, we wrapped things up before a crowd of thousands on...
30 Jun 2011
Inside the Classics
First in a series, I hope! In my spare hours I’ve had a chance to explore some of the cities we’ve been playing on the Sting tour. This is from a while back – a Sunday morning in Graz, during a solitary walk, all of a sudden church bells pealing...
30 Jun 2011
Inside the Classics
All right, blog readers, it’s been another another epic week on the Sting bandwagon – it’s hard to give a nutshell recap, but here goes… St. Petersburg has certainly been the largest crowd so far (150,000), but our most enthusiastic has been Gda...
29 Jun 2011
Inside the Classics
Over the years, Sarah and I have made a habit of sharing some of the Minnesota Orchestra’s more, shall we say, peculiar traditions and inside jokes. Whether it’s yanking all our instruments skyward when someone in the brass section drops a mute,...
27 Jun 2011
Inside the Classics
It feels odd to be starting up the orchestra’s official summer season only a week after we wrapped up what is officially our “winter season” (despite beginning in fall and ending in early summer,) but that’s the way the calendar fell this year, an...
24 Jun 2011
Inside the Classics
I didn’t actually intend to take most of this week off from blogging, but it does seem to have happened (the orchestra is off this week, and I’ve been taking advantage of the opportunity to catch up on seemingly endless home and garden work, not t...
20 Jun 2011
Inside the Classics
We’ve just wrapped up an intense week of recording, during which Osmo, producer Rob Suff, and the team from BIS records somehow propelled us through Beethoven’s 3rd piano concerto and Sibelius’s 2nd and 5th symphonies without causing anyone to...
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