22 Feb 2011
Inside the Classics
My little anti-Prokofiev rant last week garnered a number of well-argued comments from all sides of the argument, which is always nice to see. (Oh, and for those of you keeping score, I went 2 for 3 on the opening lick I was complaining about in...
20 Feb 2011
Inside the Classics
As I write this, the southern half of Minnesota is in the grip of yet another snowpocalypse : whiteout conditions, with 12-18? forecast, just when we’d been making a bit of progress melting the foot or two that’s been on the ground since early De...
18 Feb 2011
Inside the Classics
A little over a week from now, the orchestra makes its annual trip to New York, there to play our apparently-also-annual Beethoven/Sibelius smorgasbord at Carnegie Hall. We have explained to New York that we know how to play other composers’ m...
17 Feb 2011
Inside the Classics
Lest anyone get the idea that I’m not excited about playing this week’s concerts (and honestly, I don’t know where you would ever have gotten such a notion ,) allow me to present one of the most utterly convincing selling points I’ve ever see...
15 Feb 2011
Inside the Classics
Annnnd we’re back! Apologies to anyone who was trying to access the blog over the last couple of days – WordPress apparently got its digital knickers in a twist over something or other, and we were wiped off the face of the Internet for a while th...
10 Feb 2011
Inside the Classics
We’ve all been there. The symphony is drawing to a glorious close, the musicians in perfect sync, the audience suspended in that blissful state of common engagement that the best performances can sometimes achieve, the conductor holding the entire...
8 Feb 2011
Inside the Classics
Playing the viola hurts. It just does. Suck it up. That’s what I was always told, anyway, by countless well-meaning teachers, conductors, and coaches in my childhood. Most musicians my age or older were told the same thing. Sure, your...
7 Feb 2011
Inside the Classics
In an era when most American orchestras either aren’t making new recordings at all, or have taken their recording operations in-house (in other words, self-releasing CDs rather than working with a major label,) we’ve been lucky enough to spend the...
4 Feb 2011
Inside the Classics
After a really quick turn around to new repertoire and a new orchestra (I’m in North Carolina conducting Saint-Saëns, Debussy and Stravinsky) I finally have a moment to reflect on last week’s Inside the Classics concerts. First and foremost, it ...
3 Feb 2011
Inside the Classics
This is probably going to be a little inside baseball for many of you, but I’m posting it anyway, because those of you who are or used to be string players will not be able to stop watching it. The cellist of 1000 personas is apparent...
1 Feb 2011
North Carolina Symphony Blog
What to Know about This Weekend's Concerts: February 3-5 Dance in Music -This will be the second of three Friday Favorites concerts designed to take a look at how music is inspired by other art forms. In this program conducted by Associate ...
31 Jan 2011
Inside the Classics
Posts tagged as Cutting Room Floor are where we put all the material relevant to our Inside the Classics concerts that we don’t have time to get to in the actual shows. Some of it is serious, some of it is silly, and some of it is just extra ...
28 Jan 2011
Inside the Classics
A note from Sam & Sarah: This weekend, we’ll be introducing our Orchestra Hall audiences to the MicroCommission project we officially rolled out a couple of months back, and hopefully getting them as excited as we are about composer Judd Greens...
26 Jan 2011
Inside the Classics
In addition to being an Inside the Classics concert week (yes, as usual, I’m still working on the script,) the orchestra is playing a series of children’s concerts over the next few days, and the centerpiece of those shows is a live performa...
23 Jan 2011
Inside the Classics
New York Times classical music critic Anthony Tommasini wrapped up his 2-week long project to choose the Top 10 composers (none living – he feels that we don’t have enough historical perspective for living composers) today with this definitive li...
22 Jan 2011
Inside the Classics
I’ve been thinking about change a lot lately, which I suspect has been brought on by the rapid approach of my 35th birthday. As of next month, I will have been a member of the Minnesota Orchestra for 11 years, and I will have lived in Minneapolis ...
19 Jan 2011
Inside the Classics
It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to a movie on my own, but having an evening off while on the road gave me that opportunity tonight. My flick of choice for this outing: “Black Swan”. Let me dispense with the accolades first; it was an incredib...
18 Jan 2011
Inside the Classics
We’re stepping out of our comfort zone as an orchestra this week with Mozart’s absolute masterpiece of an opera, The Magic Flute . We end every summer season with an opera, and we’ve certainly done a few with Osmo over the years as well, but a...
18 Jan 2011
North Carolina Symphony Blog
We asked some of our Triangle Talent Search winners to give us a glimpse into their own experiences as they performed as special guest artists with the North Carolina Symphony for our New Year's Eve Celebration concert a few weeks ago. Here is wha...
14 Jan 2011
Inside the Classics
Those of you who’ve come to a lot of our Inside the Classics concerts have probably noticed that we have a fondness for explaining a composer’s personality or career arc by referencing someone else entirely. During last season’s Debussy concerts...
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