As Promised…
7 May 2011
Inside the Classics

…here’s a gallery of photos from last night’s “’80s Rewind” concert at Orchestra Hall. Dress code violations were encouraged for this particular concert, and a number of musicians (and Sarah!) really outdid themselves. Submitted for your approval… (click the images for full size)

Ah, yes, the preppy twit. How I loathed you from afar. The scary thing is that Doug already owned this wig. As usual, the violists just get it. You'd make that face, too, if Strawberry Shortcake had just eaten the lower half of your body. Radical women. The This is more or less how he looked when I first met him back in college. There are no words. The agony of defeat? Second half costume change. After party.

Oh, and if you want to see this madness in person (plus hear some pretty awesome arrangements of the cheesy, over-the-top Top 40 hits folks of my vintage grew up with,) there’s still time to get tickets for tonight’s show!

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