12 May 2011
Inside the Classics

So, about an hour ago, I just happened to click over to the Minnesota Orchestra’s online box office to see whether I could score a last-minute seat or two for this Friday’s ItC show for some friends. I’d heard sales had been strong, but I wasn’t quite ready for this visual:

You guys are just awesome, you know that? Four years ago, when Sarah and I took the reins of this concert series, we’d been playing to houses as low as 50% sold. And that first season, we actually lost subscribers, as usually happens when you make a major change to an existing series. That means that in less than three years, you guys have nearly doubled the size of our audience. You’ve brought friends, family, and students to our shows; you’ve talked us up on Facebook and Twitter; you’ve come through like champs when we’ve asked for feedback on the performances; and now, you’ve more or less sold out this entire season’s run of Inside the Classics. That’s just phenomenal.

We’ll be rolling out our ’11-’12 season at this weekend’s concerts, and frankly, we’re taking a pretty huge leap of faith when it comes to our featured works. Conventional Orchestral Wisdom says you won’t stick with us for music you haven’t heard a million times before. But you know what? Conventional Orchestral Wisdom also says that only old people go to the orchestra, that laughter in the concert hall is an abomination, and that audiences only care about star soloists and famous old European conductors.

You’ve already proven many times over that Conventional Orchestral Wisdom is full of it, and tonight, I got to see the sentiment expressed in visual form. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

See you Friday…

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