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16 May 2011
Inside the Classics

Many thanks to all of you who attended our (standing-room only!) Inside the Classics concerts this weekend; it’s amazingly energizing to see the Hall filled, and with such an enthusiastic audience, to boot!

We’re also grateful for your generosity; we raised over $5,000 nearly $6000 (late edits by Sam to reflect even more impressive final donation tally!) for the MicroCommission Project over two nights, putting us at about 75% 88% of goal. It’s both thrilling and nerve-racking to undertake such a huge project (especially one that’s never been done before), and we wouldn’t have taken the risk if we weren’t confident that there are many, many of you out there who are interested in new music and are eager to be a part of the extraordinary creative process of bringing a major orchestral work to life.

It’s both a relief and a little sad to be finished with our Inside the Classics season, so indulge me for a minute as I thank Sam, the best co-host and writing partner that one could possibly hope for. Sam has the uncanny ability to craft a narrative around every show that is both intellectually intriguing and emotionally gripping – it’s an enviable talent, and I feel so fortunate to have such a fantastic partner-in-crime. Many of you have remarked on our rapport onstage, and I can tell you that it’s nothing we have to work on – it’s easy when you really get along with the person you work with, and it’s something I don’t ever take for granted!

And on a personal note, I haven’t conducted Rite of Spring for nearly 11 years – which really does feel like a lifetime ago. It was a huge challenge for me then, to say the least. But this go around, it was…well, I would never call Rite of Spring “easy”, but there was a certain ease to it for me, as if I’d finally digested the information of that complicated score and made it a more organic part of my musical self. It doesn’t hurt to be conducting a world class orchestra either!

Thanks to everyone for another fantastic season – we’re really looking forward to 11′-12′ – in the meantime, I hope to be posting pretty regularly from the Sting tour, which begins in about 3 weeks. It’s gonna be an epic summer!

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