1 Jun 2011
Inside the Classics

This week has turned into an unexpectedly busy one (thanks in large part to Aaron Kernis’s viola-intensive Concerto With Echoes with which we’ll be opening this weekend’s (ahem) inexplicably-not-yet-sold-out concerts,) so I don’t have the energy to write a full-length post just at the moment. But since we’ve been all new music focused in recent days (at last check, the debate was still raging over in the comments on this post,) I thought I’d at least throw up a video clip of a good friend doing something awesome.

Remember my friend Wendy? No? Okay, go read this. Then come back here. And then watch this.

So, yeah. That’s suitably impressive.  And outdoors, no less! (And yes, I recognize that some of you involved in the neverending argument over whether or not new music sucks will not have enjoyed that particular selection, but honestly, I’m done with that debate for the moment, so if you choose to be a hater in the comments, don’t expect a response.) If I’m half as persuasive and accurate in my solos in the Kernis this weekend as Wendy is in that rehearsal clip, I’m calling this week a win.

(Oh, by the way, the composer of that piece Wendy’s playing in the clip is Ken Ueno, who is well worth checking out. The piece was written for her, and the inspiration was an x-ray of her shattered ankle. Music doesn’t come much more personal than that.)

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