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I am a mystery Writer. Politically, I am an old-style liberal, who believes in social programs and fiscal responsibility. I am in favor of Recreational Marijuana although I do not smoke. I am a strong advocate for women's rights including birth control, control of their own bodies, and economical equity. I voted for Joe Biden to be President!

I do not necessarily support conflicts the US gets into, but I strongly support the men and women in our armed services who have chosen to serve. I also support the men and women who have chosen to serve as police officers, Firemen (Women too) and First responders.

I have been married for fifty-four years to my high school sweetheart. She died in December 2019 and I miss her very much. No condolences, please.

Music is very important to me. I often listen to boost my mood, deal with depression, and as a background as I write. I will select specific pieces as I write as it helps my set the style and atmosphere when creating a scene.

The rest is subject to change without notice.

Gene Poschman

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